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Although the server is gone, quite a big percentage of the community is still around on discord.

Come and join us!

I think it's time.

Raserhead Owner250 posted Aug 20, 17
So the time has come to make this announcement, truthfully I expected to make this months ago. But hey, we struggled right to the end.
In a few days time I will receive the 7 day notice for the renewal of the server. I will not be renewing it. So consider this your 7 day notice for the closure of the Hypefrost Network.
I do not have the motivation or the time to hold Hyperfrost up any longer. No one has stepped up within these last couple years that I could "hand it off" to, like it was to me.
Staff motivation and participation is almost non-existent, the playerbase is dead, the donations run dry and the servers are empty.
Rather than truly starting to drag it through the mud, I think it is best to let things end while I can still say I'm proud of what we have done. It has been an amazing 3 years.
All the different people, ideas and interactions that I have experienced truly made me enjoy my work here.
Just thinking back on some of the events in Hyperfrost's history, it is remarkable of how much of a rollercoaster ride it was.
Continuing on these past few years would not have been possible without the amazing community we have formed here.

I don't really have a lot to say, most things I needed to say were already said in my retirement post. All I have left is my thanks.
Thank you to Phygar for trusting me with the server and giving me this opportunity.
I will even give thanks to Leths, for if it was not for his actions, I would not have needed to rebuild the server which allowed me to get the whole community involved in its development
Thank you to Angi (MsLiebe/MsAngi) for funding the initial weeks spent on rebuilding the server.
Thank you to OutcastZeroOne, for being my right hand man throughout most of my time running Hyperfrost.
Thank you to GPA_Doug for the months of funding that helped us through our darkest time.
Thank you to Verniqua, while I cannot say we parted on good terms, her help was paramount to the revitalization of the Network.
Thank you to all staff members, past and present. For without you we would not have lasted anywhere near as long as we have.

And of course, last but certainly not least, thank you to all of our players who have stuck with us over these years, those that started mere weeks ago and those who were here before even I was.
You are the sole reason Hyperfrost grew and prospered. I also apologize to you for letting you see it decline into the state it i now.

While I can't say we were ever a "big" network, I hope that your experiences here will stay with you and leave a lasting impact, like they have on me.
If you look at numbers and only numbers, we were nothing special. But the moment you look past those numbers, at the heart of Hyperfrost, you see something unique and incredible.
I'm sure you'll all go on to find other servers and join other communities, but I feel like Hyperfrost is something irreplaceable and I hope you do too.

Thank you again to everyone and farewell.
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Agbfygl Sad to see it finally go, though I knew it would eventually end. Back when I consistently played, I did notice a decreas...
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Is it just me, or is it cold in here?

Hey guys!

So you all may be thinking that nothing has happened and the server will never come back… you’re wrong! i’d like to welcome you all to our brand new map!

First of all, we do apologize about the incredible long wait for new map. After a few issues, between getting everything done and getting everything working… The staff team have put together a new spawn for you guys to run around and explore!

The server is now 1.11

That's right, you heard it! you can now connect to the server using your 1.11 client. Hooray!


So we know you’re all keen to get right into it and begin building your factions, but there are a few things we need to make clear.

  1. Please don’t nag staff to paste in your builds as we are busy trying to make sure things are running smoothly. We will try our bests to make sure everyone's builds gets pasted in as soon as possible.
  2. Please make sure you are happy with where you want your home to be. If we paste it in we won’t move it. You also need to make sure you have a clear spot for us to place it as we won’t be doing it ourselves.
  3. Please make sure to claim your Faction. With new players hopping on, we can’t guarantee all will obey our rules. If your faction gets griefed, please alert staff as soon as possible so they can try their best to resolve the situation.


Spawn has had a redo and we hope you all like it! Run around and explore some hidden features! Now… Spawn might get a few changes in the future. Because of this, we advise you don’t build on the very outside of the SafeZone. The last thing we want is for one of your bases to get muddled up in something that's happened around spawn.


With everything being updated, we can’t guarantee there's not going to be any bugs. We’ve tried our best to have an error free start, but players are the absolute best at finding bugs and glitches. If you do find one, please alert staff immediately so that we can fix it to make sure you have the best time possible. If you do find a glitch or bug and decide to abuse it, it could end in serious consequences.

Random Teleport

Since everything had to be updated to 1.11, a few things had to be changed. To randomly teleport to the wilderness, you’ll need to type the command /rtp. You will need to stay still for 5 seconds until it take you to your destination, after this you will receive a 6 minute cool down before being allowed to use the command again.


Sadly, everyone's Ontime has been reset. This may annoy some people while for others its a great way to start completely fresh. You will need to climb your way through all the kits again and compete against other players for who can get the highest Ontime!

Now, i don’t want to hold you up any longer… What are you waiting for!

Wind in the Sails..

Verniqua x posted Nov 27, 16

Though things may seem slow on the survival server theses days, our incredible staff has been a buzz of activity preparing for some pretty big updates to the server. You won't learn about them all today (we have some surprises) but there is one big change that will be happening on HF. 

The Survival Server will be getting a fresh map. Yup, there is going to be a new world for you to explore.

"Verni?! What about my builds and all my stuff?!"

Yes, it's true, you will need to rebuild your factions. (mine lags like crazy, ready for a new one). 

However, you will be able to keep 2-3 moderately sized builds to bring to the new map. In special circumstances, the number of saves will be determined by rank and ontime on a case by case basis. 

You can assist staff with the schematics by marking the corners of your build with yellow wool. You will need to place one wool at the lowest corner, and another wool at the opposite highest corner. You can ask staff for enough wool to mark your corners.

Within one of these builds, you can place chests with all your loot. Don't forget your Slimefun gear, you can stuff those items into chests as well.

- We are not able to copy entire factions. You will need to choose specific builds.

- If you donated, you will receive all eligible donor packs again to replace lost spawners/special items.

You have until Dec. 30th, 2016 to have staff make copies of your builds. Shortly after that date, the new map will be placed onto survival.  

Once we've moved to the new map, you will need to find a suitable place for your new homes. Staff will not terraform/edit the land. We will paste and rotate your build, the rest is up to you. 

Besides the updated map, we've got quite a few other projects in the works. You'll have to keep checking in on the forums to keep track of them. 

Don't Forget about Discord!

Though Raser has "retired" from the server. You can still chat with him and all of us on Discord.

Register at:

Then click the link to join our Discord Chat server!

sleepycat13 Just out of curiosity(not any attempt to put any pressure on the staff at all! I'm sure you have your work cut out ...
Wrangler9033 Which forums tell where we can say to save our builds or how to apply?
legolace999 oh ok

Hyperfrost Episode 4: A New Hope

Raserhead Owner250 posted Nov 25, 16

Hey guys,

I came to this server over two years ago by request of a good friend, to take it over and steer it in the right direction.

I feel like I have done a pretty good job accomplishing that goal. Sure, currently our numbers have been a bit low but we are far from dead. The main reason for this little slump, is that I have lost the enthusiasm I once had for this server both for development and minecraft itself. With a lot going on in my life, constant behind-the-scenes issues that you guys don't see and my dynamic personality wanting a change of air. It has become hard to stay motivated, but this is not fair to you or the server that so many have worked hard on.

Throughout my time here, I've assembled a team of people who I have come to rely on, you know them as staff, I know them as friends. They are the reason this server's heart is still beating and I feel the time has come to properly acknowledge the commitments they have made.

So, from this moment on I am retiring from my position and handing over the lead development role to Verniqua, in her new position as Co-Owner with the support of OutcastZeroOne, also a Co-Owner and GPA_Doug, in his new position as Full Admin.

I have high hopes for this new Upper Management Team and I hope you guys do too.

So what does this mean?

In the coming weeks there's probably going to be a lot of changes, I'll leave it up to Verni to fill you in on those.

On top of that, I'm going to reside to pretty much just a maintenance position. Further down the line after preparations are made, I will be stepping down from my Owner position. I'll still be around on the discord and may pop on the server every now and then, so I wont be completely gone just yet.

Thank you for sticking with me for the past 2 years. I've had a blast with all the builds, Minigames, events and even the random stuff I come up with that you people just jumped into. Even when things got rough you guys stuck around. I hope you will be just as loyal with the "New" team.

Signing off for the last time.

- Raser

sleepycat13 Geesh! I go away for Thanksgiving vacation and stuff happens! ... I totally understand why you're backing down from...
Raserhead Owner250 As I said in the post, I'll probably check in every once in a while. As for the name, idunno.
TaiWeeb Hi Raser, I am sad that you're are retiring from your position. It was great while you were here. You will be misse...
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