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Hyperfrost Network


The Hyperfrost Network is a community based on helping each other out to make some amazing things.

What you'll experience on this server is like no other, Mini-games like Mob Arena and spleef, Mcmmo, Slimefun, tons of warps and server facilities to help you along with your creativity and friendly, genuine staff.
The mix the server provides brings out an epic collection of players and creations, you'll find yourself joining a community, not just another MC server. You owe it to yourself to experience what HyperFrost has to offer.

We currently have an established survival server and creative server with a PvP server in development!

Be sure to check us out over Christmas!

So what are you waiting for? Join now!

The Hyperfrost Network has been around since January 2015.
Current Servers: Hub, Survival, Creative.
Owner: Raserhead

General Inquiries:
Business Inquiries or other important matters:

Staff members are usually taken by application from on-server players.
No one who just randomly pm's me will be accepted. Unless you've got some decent references you can back up, the conversation will end very quickly.

If you have questions about the network, feel free to PM me on enjin.

This is put here just for the sake of it at the moment, but I'm looking anyone proficient in web design so we can maybe come to an agreement on redoing some things. Honestly, I'd prefer to just have some free guidance and work through things myself, but if I'm presented with something I like, commissioning someone is not out the question.